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Mediation has proven to be an effective way of solving disputes as an alternative to legal proceedings. According to the Center for effective dispute resolution, the success rate for mediation is high with a settlement rate of 90%. 

  • This means that mediation is cost effective as well as being time effective
  • The parties are together responsible for coming up with the final decision
  • The mediator acts as a neutral third party that is there to facilitate communication and thus encouraging discussion, understanding and productive negotiations. This in turn enables the parties to reach a suitable decision for all
  • As an added potential benefit, the direct and unconditional involvement of each party entices the possibility for further long term relationship
  • SIBE INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION believes in this non-adversarial way of advancing together and upholds the principle of confidentiality and discretion in a trusted environment where one can consider all possible outcomes
  • Lawyers may accompany the parties concerned. This is highly beneficial to the mediation procedure and we recommend all parties to use this added benefit
  • We also encourage the parties to use their ability to ask the judge to ratify their agreements


Listen, restore communication and understand positions in order to see clearly and find an agreement 

Listen neutrally
Restore communication
Confront positions


Our Mediators & Consultants



 Full control of the decision by the parties

 Neutrality and impartiality of our mediators and consultants

These values constitute an essential basis for our work as mediators. 


SIBE Mediation is a firm competent in all types of conflicts.  

Our team has a diverse set of skills and experiences. 

We are therefore able to adapt to a wide variety of situations. 

Solve your conflict through mediation!