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SIBE MEDIATION is a firm competent in all types of conflicts. Our team has a diverse set of competences and experiences in different fields.

We are therefore able to adapt to a wide range of situations. Although we are proficient in many types of mediation, such as transport logistic, finance, environmental management and humanitarian aid, amongst others, our main area of expertise lies within corporate and family matters.  

All intensity of conflict is manageable. At SIBE INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION, we adapt to the situation at hand and the circumstances of each case in order to bring the necessary environment and create long-term resolution.

We have mediators accredited by the French system as well as from the international CEDR accreditation which allows us to be flexible in our way of carrying out the procedure.



Within our firm, close cooperation is essential not only between the parties but also within our team.

Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts if the right mediator(s) is chosen.

We offer the expertise of more than one experienced mediator, merging legal and psychosocial knowledge. In addition, the diversity of our experiences as well as our paths permits understanding within the variety of issues.

In addition, we are able to conduct international mediations in conflicts that arise between individuals or companies of different nationalities and cultures.


Listen, restore communication and understand positions in order to see clearly and find an agreement

Listen neutrally
Restore communication
Understand positions


Our Mediators & Consultants


Mediation has proven to be an effective way of solving disputes as an alternative to legal proceedings. 

The success rate is 90 % (source: CEDR)

√ 85 % of people suffer from conflict within their work environment (source: CPP; Inc.) 

 49 % of conflicts are due to differences in personalities (source: CPP; Inc.)  



√ Confidentiality

√  Full control of the decision by the parties 

√ Neutrality and impartiality of our mediators and consultants

These values constitute an essential basis for our work as mediator.    

Solve your conflict through mediation!